Adjutant’s Call

Adjutants Call



In the April meeting, Tuesday the 10th, we accepted nominations and elected officers for the following positions for 2018 to June 2019:

A.    Commander                          OC O’Connor
B.    Senior Vice Commander      Arthur Strafuss
C.    Junior Vice Commander      Brian Ward
D.    Adjutant                                John Cooper
E.    Finance Officer                    AC Conrad
F.    E-Board- 3 positions
Position 1            Patrick Coady
Position 2            John Monahan
Position 3            Jeffrey Pedonesi
G.    Chaplain                   Arthur Strafuss
H.    Historian                  OPEN
I.    Service Officer            Will Valliere
J.    SGT @ Arms                 Al Fay

Officers assume their term of office in JUNE after the June State convention.  Please welcome all the officers and ensure they know what your ideas are for continuous improvement.

Have you already paid your dues and perhaps even received your membership card and you wonder why you keep getting a dues overdue renewal notice? It is not you.  Let me explain.  You pay your dues to the Post and the post sends you your card.  You think we are done.  But we don’t send your dues to the state until we get a few more members to pay, then we send one check for a bunch of members.  That could be a week later than when you received your card.  It takes up to four weeks more for the state to receive our checks and process them and have the National registry finally post it.  The National are the ones who send the notice! 
Guess who gets to answer for the repeat dues notices?  Ugh!!

Reminder – The Post is NOT allowed to serve you if you do not have a current year membership card. The 2018 Post 221 MEMBERSHIP FEE is $40.00. We are doing well, but need to get EVERYONE to pay their membership fee for 2018 as soon as you can. Reminder you can send your fee to the post or RENEW on line at  You have to pay your National dues annually without missing a year or your continuous service reverts back to ZERO.  This applies to SAL members as well.

General body meetings are held on the second Tuesday night of each month at 7:00 PM in the Rivet room beginning again in September.  Please make a note. All members are encouraged to attend.

The Post is officially chartered as Chapter 221 American Legion Riders.  They are gaining in membership, have shared rides with fellow bikers. If you are a member in good standing of the Legion, the SONs or the Auxiliary and own your own motorcycle, you can apply for membership. Meetings are the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 in the Rivet room.  Come on down and meet the members and see what you think.

As I step away as the Adjutant, I have absolutely enjoyed being the ADJUTANT for Post 221 for the past 5 years.  As I turn the reins over to John Cooper, I ask you give him the same terrific support that you each have shown me over the years.  Each of you are the ones that make the post what it is.  The state knows us well, the National commander came to visit us, we have a strong AUX, SAL and Riders and we will be celebrating 100 years as a legion and as our post here in Bedford.  It is all good.  Each of us add to the success of the post and if we don’t do anything else, we need to continue to be good members.
Jim Voss

Jim Voss (soon to be John Cooper)