Author: Jim Voss

National Commander


Strength comes from membership
By Denise H. Rohan, National Commander
JAN 11, 2018
Dear American Legion Family and Friends,
There is strength in numbers. And there is dedication among American Legion Family
members. Combine American Legion dedication and strength through numbers, and we
have a time-honored formula for meaningful advocacy for the values we share: support
for veterans, our troops, young people and patriotism.
Every day, we see American Legion members supporting today’s service members.
Sons of The American Legion members are diligently attending to the needs of older
veterans. American Legion Riders are raising money right this minute for scholarships
to help young people. And Auxiliary members are working tirelessly to support their
posts, chapters and squadrons.
Communities across America today are better off due to American Legion membership.
I know this first-hand, having witnessed the kindness of American Legion Family
members in many ways. I also know the impact we have on veterans, service members
and their families can’t be always be expressed in numbers.
Yet, it’s numbers we need now, more than ever before.

Without strong numbers, our influence to fight for veterans’ rights on Capitol Hill is
jeopardized. Our youth programs will mentor fewer children who need our guidance.
Our charitable donations will help fewer veterans, service members and their families
who need us.
In my travels as your national commander, I have seen the best of The American
Legion. Veterans helping veterans and strengthening every corner of our nation.
We need to retain current members and recruit new ones to continue effectively serving
our communities, states and nation in ways only The American Legion Family can. This
coming weekend, the national Membership and Post Activities Committee will meet to
lay out plans for growth.
But we need your help. Check in with expired members and encourage them to rejoin.
Connect with younger veterans and let them know how The American Legion has their
There are tools to help you succeed and help us grow:
 There are wonderful flyers, presentations, posters, ads and more that you can use.
Download them at the Legion’s membership page.
 Each month, we are sending three copies of The American Legion Magazine to
every post – at no charge. These are intended to be resources to give to
prospective members, or leave behind at places where veterans congregate – VA
hospitals, doctor’s offices, etc.
 Review the Legion’s Basic Training course and encourage other members to check
it out. The interactive guide features videos, digital photos, clickable links, a
historical timeline and more to help visitors learn more about our organization.
Together, our dedication and the strength of numbers will allow us to continue standing
tall for veterans and service members as we near the beginning of a second century of
service. We will fight to ensure that veterans receive the health care they deserve, that
our troops are poised to succeed, that rewarding career opportunities are available for
veterans and their spouses, children are educated and our nation’s flag is treated with
the respect it deserves.
Family First.