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Adjutant’s Call

Adjutants Call


Have you already paid your dues and perhaps even received your membership card and you wonder why you keep getting a dues overdue renewal notice? It is not you.  Let me explain.  You pay your dues to the Post and the post sends you your card.  You think we are done.  But we don’t send your dues to the state until we get a few more members to pay, then we send one check for a bunch of members.  That could be a week later than when you received your card.  It takes up to four weeks more for the state to receive our checks and process them and have the National registry finally post it.  The National are the ones who send the notice! 
Guess who gets to answer for the repeat dues notices?  Ugh!!

Reminder – The Post is NOT allowed to serve you if you do not have a current year membership card. The 2018 Post 221 MEMBERSHIP FEE is $40.00. We are doing well, but need to get EVERYONE to pay their membership fee for 2018 as soon as you can. Reminder you can send your fee to the post or RENEW on line at  You have to pay your National dues annually without missing a year or your continuous service reverts back to ZERO.  This applies to SAL members as well.

General body meetings are held on the second Tuesday night of each month at 7:00 PM in the Rivet room beginning again in September.  Please make a note. All members are encouraged to attend.

The Post is officially chartered as Chapter 221 American Legion Riders.  They are gaining in membership, have shared rides with fellow bikers. If you are a member in good standing of the Legion, the SONs or the Auxiliary and own your own motorcycle, you can apply for membership. Meetings are the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 in the Rivet room.  Come on down and meet the members and see what you think.

As the Adjutant, I have access to membership information for the Post and have contacts at the District and Department level. I am here to answer your questions/concerns and help you or find someone who can. Let me know.
Jim Voss

Jim Voss

In Support of the American Flag (National Commander)

Dear Legion Family Members and Friends,

Our nation’s flag is under attack. Protesters set it afire in a misguided attempt to promote their causes. Athletes fall to their knees instead of raising hands to hearts during the national anthem. And, more recently, a small college in Massachusetts has removed the flag from campus.

While Americans have a constitutional right to express their opinions in such ways, The American Legion strongly believes the flag is a symbol of our nation’s freedom, secured by the servicemen and women who sacrificed so much for all citizens.

As you may know, The American Legion has regularly encouraged Congress to pass a constitutional amendment that would give it the power to protect the Stars and Stripes from desecration.

But we are not alone in this belief. The U.S. House has routinely passed such an amendment. Every state has endorsed such a resolution. And surveys show that 80 percent of Americans agree that the flag should be protected.

Now, President-elect Donald Trump has called for penalties against those who treat the American flag with disrespect. In a tweet, Trump wrote, “Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag – if they do, there must be consequences – perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail!”

While The American Legion does not have a position on what the penalty should be for those who violate our sacred flag, it does stand resolute in petitioning Congress for the necessary constitutional amendment.

Our belief is not to silence those who protest perceived injustices. Americans have the right to voice their views in respectful ways.

Instead, our view is that the American flag should be held in the highest regard by all Americans. Military members and Veterans — and citizens, too — offer salutes. Athletes and fans should stand respectfully when the national anthem is being played. And it should not be used as a prop in a publicity campaign by a small college or other institutions.

But most of all, the men and women of the incoming Congress should heed President-elect Trump’s message and declare flag desecration off-limits with a constitutional amendment.

Carry the legacy forward.










Charles E. Schmidt
National Commander

Pearl Harbor: Keep the Legacy

BEDFORD:  The incredible resilience and valor portrayed by the men and women at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 is a legacy that benefited the entire free world.  Seventy-five years later most of the witnesses are no longer with us but the legacy of the men and women who defended Pearl Harbor on that day of infamy will always remain. Service, sacrifice, and valor were demonstrated by American heroes at unprecedented levels and foreshadowed the trials, toughness, and grit that epitomized the Greatest Generation during the Second World War.  American Legion National Commander Charles Schmidt often encourages Legion posts to “carry the legacy forward.” He refers to the great accomplishments of previous generations of Legionnaires, while also asking current Legionnaires to begin new legacies that will benefit the next generation of Veterans.

The more than 2,400 men, women, and children who died the day of the attack, would be joined by thousands of others in the seven and a half decades since.  Jon ‘OC’ O’Connor is the commander of Anthony-Hunt-Hamilton American Legion Post 221 here in Bedford.  He reminds us, “As those of our members able to provide firsthand accounts become fewer and fewer, it is up to us to keep their legacies alive.”  For the United States, Pearl Harbor was the commencement of war. For Japan, it marked the beginning of the end. “For those heroes of 75 years ago, we shall always be grateful. God bless our World War II veterans, God Bless the American Legion, and God Bless America.”

Post 221 general meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month in the downstairs members lounge at 7:00 PM.  For more information or membership contact OC at (781) 275-3140 or Our American Legion Family offers a smoke free environment at Post 221.

Veteran’s Day

To The American Legion Family –


For future communications – anything preceded by “ ***** ”  indicates there is an Actionable Item – and not just an informational one – thank you for your attention to these – “many hands make light work”.


Town Meeting Tonight – reminder from an earlier email

***** Attend & Support  Article 8 – Town Employees in the Reserves or Guard are covered for normal drill and two weeks of training per year – they ARE NOT yet covered in the case of long deployments. We should, at the very least, show appreciation of their commitments to serve. We also need to compensate these men and women by extending the agreement we already have with them to accommodate a long deployment.


Veterans Day / Weekend – list of events below

The entire weekend’s worth of events are listed out at end of this email.


Senior (Thanksgiving) Dinner – November 20th

***** Volunteers needed – please contact me for options

This annual event is a joint VFW / American Legion event supporting the seniors in our community for Thanksgiving Dinner held at the Legion – this has always been one of the most talked about events tying us with the Bedford Community


Raffle Tickets –  $300 First Place Prize

***** drop off your $ and ticket stubs at the Legion – drawing on the 21st.  You should have already received the tickets in the mail – these are a win/win for all of us, as the proceeds go to cover the costs of the Senior Dinner


Annual Turkey Shoot / Raffle – November 21st

***** need American Legion volunteers to assist in this effort We’re raffling off 25 TURKEYS – Door Prize, 50/50 and plenty of fun – including the drawing for the Senior Raffle Prizes – come on down for food, fun, and frolic (what does frolic mean anyway ???)

Children Christmas – December 10th

Already in coordination – another community event – and it’s for the kids…..


Membership – have you paid your dues for 2017 ?

Thank you if you have done so already.


Some events our members have attended recently – bringing our presence, commitment, and the resolve of Post 221’s American Legion Family:

  • Lexington Veterans Day Breakfast
  • ANG and National Guard Retirement Ceremonies @ HAFB
  • Fall Festival @ the Bedford VA Hospital
  • Governor’s Council for Female Veterans
  • Veteran Day – wreath laying at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Washington DC


Thank you to all members who make the extra commitment needed to reach our obligations, good will, and Patriotic examples in assisting Veterans in our Community.


It is an absolute pleasure and honor to be your Commander.  In this month of thanksgiving, I want you all to know that I am truly thankful for this opportunity to be associated with such a great organization of men and women – you make my job easy !





VETERANS DAY / WEEKEND list of events in Bedford

11th Month, 11th Day, 11th Hour – US Flag Raising Ceremony

Friday, November 11 at 11 pm, at Veterans Memorial Park

Prior to the Noontime Veterans Day Ceremony, an Hanscom Airforce Base Security Honor Guard along with many members of the local community, will raise the US Flag at 11:00A in memory of Armistice Day.


The Town of Bedford’s Official Ceremony 
Friday, November 11 at 12 Noon, at Veterans Memorial Park

Please join us in honoring all veterans who served their country with honor in peacetime and in war. Town ceremonies begin at 12 PM at Veterans Memorial Park on the Great Road (next to Bedford Funeral Home). Ceremony will last about an hour and will include opening prayer, pledge of allegiance, patriotic sing along, speakers, and a presentation of a special Veterans Memorial Wreath of Honor. Attendees are invited to remember a special veteran in their lives by placing a flag on the Veterans Memorial Wreath of Honor and sharing the name and military service of the honored veteran. Singing of our National Anthem, firing of volleys by Bedford HS ROTC, the sounding of TAPS by Bedford HS band members and a closing prayer will conclude our ceremonies.

Note: In case of heavy rains, outside park activities will be canceled and will be moved to the Bedford High School auditorium.

Patriotic Luminary Observation

Friday, November 11 at dusk, at Veterans Memorial Park

Join us for a quiet appreciation of those who never seek to gain credit for themselves, those who leave families and friends in service to our country, those men and women who act and not speak……  This is an illuminating appreciation for those we call Veterans.


Veterans Day Dance
Friday, Nov 11, from 7 until 11 pm at the Bedford American Legion

Light supper, DJ, Dancing – $10 tickets at the door.


Special showing of Restrepo
Saturday, November 12 at 10 am, at the Lexington Venue Cinema – Hosted by First Parish in Bedford


A Salute to Gold Star Families
Sunday, November 13 at 10 am, at First Parish, Unitarian Universalist, on Bedford Common


Acclaimed Author Sebastian Junger
Sunday, November 13 at 2 pm, at First Parish, Unitarian Universalist, on Bedford Common


54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment
Sunday, November 13 at 2 pm, at the American Legion Post 221

The Bedford Historical Society in conjunction with American Legion Post 221 located at 357 The Great Road in Bedford is pleased to host a program about the 54th Mass. Infantry Regiment. This event will be held on Sunday, Nov. 13 and is presented by the 54th Mass. Infantry Regiment re-enactors. The program is free and open to the public.