Stanley Thomas ANTHONY 1893-1917

Stanley Anthony was born in East Boston, MA in 1893.  His family moved to Bedford, MA and is where he attended school.  He enlisted in the U.S. Navy at age 17 on April 10, 1910.  As a Seaman, he was sent to Radio School in Brooklyn, NY, and graduated at  the rank of  Radio Electrician First Class.  He was assigned aboard the destroyer USS Chauncey providing Convoy escorts in the Eastern Atlantic.  Stanley was killed November 19, 1917 when the Chauncey was rammed by the British merchantman SS Rose as the both ships steamed in war-imposed darkness.  At the time of his death, he was 24 years old.  In July 1920, a marble tablet was unveiled honoring those that lost their lives on the USS Chauncey.  The Tablet is just inside the main entrance of his majesty’s dockyard at Gibraltar and is located on the East wall of the torpedo armament depot.

Hughs I. HUNT 1898-1918

Hughs Hunt was born in Everett, MA on June 22, 1898.  His family moved to Bedford, MA when he was eleven years old.  He enlisted in B company 8th Infantry in at the age of 17, in 1915.  In 1916, he saw service at the Mexican border.  Activated for service in World War I on April 13, 1917, The 8th Infantry assembled at Westfield, MA as part of the 52nd Brigade / 26th Division and were consolidated with the 1st New Hampshire Infantry; again re designated as the 103rd Regiment on August 22nd, 1917. The regiment entered the front lines on February 8, 1918 and were constantly at the front and participated in the following battles: Champagne-Marne, Aisne-Marne, St. Mihel, Meuse-Argonne Ile de France 1918, Lorraine 1918.  Hughs was wounded in action February 28, 1918 and died of his wounds that same day.  He was nineteen years old.   He was buried with Military Honors in the little French Catholic Cemetery in La Faux France.  After the war, his body was moved to the American Cemetery in Ploise Aisne.  Hughs was one of the youngest boys to enlist from Bedford and was the youngest to die.

William Walter HAMILTON 1881-1918

William Hamilton was born on August 12, 1881 at Mooers, NY.  He enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps in 1899.  At that time they were only signing men from between 21 and 35. William passed as 21 though he was only 18.  Activated for service in World War I on June 17, 1917,  he served as gunnery Sergeant in the 4th Marine Brigade, 2nd Division.  In June on 1918, he was wounded at the Battle of Belleau Wood, near the marne River in France.  The 4th Marine Brigade was again on the assualt from 1 November through 11th November, 1918. They started out assualting the Berricourt Heights and fighting all the way up to the Meuse River where the 6th Marines, a slice of 2nd Engineers and of 6th MG Battalion, tried to cross the river over the railway trestle at the town of Mouzon but couldn’t due to heavy fire from the German side of the river.   On November 2, 1918, William was killed in action at the age of 37.  He had honorably served 19 years in service of his country fighting in the Aisne Defensive, Aisne Offensive, Meuse-Argonne Offensive, Battle of Belleau Wood.  His decorations include Bronze Star – 5 awards; Aisne Defense Battle Clasp; Aisne-Marine battle Clasp; St. Mihiel battle clasp; Meuse-Argonne battle clasp; Defensive sector clasp.